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Making a new blog

I realized this blog is suckish. Dont worry. I will make a new blog. This blog was a test to see how would I do. So I guess this is goodbye for now.


New Video

If your a die hard Phoenix Wright fan, then you might be familar with this really funny video.  Just to let you know, I don’t support alcohol.

I give the Frantics and CMSPyrowolf credit.  Also, I give Capcom credit.

Sorry Guys!

Sorry, to my fellow subscribers that I have not been posting that much lately.  I am busy with a lot of school work, so I couldn’t find the time to blog about stuff.  So please forgive me.  To make up for my apology, there wil be a new video.  It is a funny one.  You got to see it.


In my review for  Mario vs Donkey Kong Miniland Mayhem:  I said I entered a challenge for the Construction Zone Challenge Mode.  I am now encouraging people if they have this game to try to do these challenges.  Or make your own levels so others can view it.  That’s fine too.  All this post is about is to encourage my commenters or any readers of my blog what so ever.  I will have a Challenge Level Winner page, if any of you want to know who won.  See you guys later. 🙂

THE 90’s

If you watch Youtube, then you must know DeSTorm and Ray William Johnson.  They made a Youtube music video together.  I will try to post it  in the videos tab.


Wikileaks is in trouble as all of you know.  Wikileaks published U.S. secret policies.  The U.S. policies.  Wikileaks published something three times and classified documents!!  While the U.S. is investigating criminal investigation, the country Ecuador offers an insane asylum to the Website’s founder.  The world these days are out of whack.  Usually I would put this type of stuff in Real World Chatt, but I didn’t feel like it.  Please comment about this.

Man gets a new talent from HEAD TRAUMA?!

There is a boy who is blind and brain-impaired that is a good music player.  This video belongs to CBS.  It is on Youtube, check it out.  Also, there is one guy who got musical talent from a concussion.  Check out the video.  It is on .  See ya

Up and Running

HEy guys, I’m sorry that I have not been posting lately.  I’m been kind of busy, but I would be up and running. Also, happy thanksgiving, I’m late I know.

Google TV?!

So what is Google TV?  It is a program that intergrates TV and the Internet.  It features apps, watching Tv while browsing the Internet, and speak commands through your remote.  What comes with the package?  Well, it comes with a DVD intergration and a Logitech Revenue with a Google Tv- set up box.  This all cost $725.  I would purchase it.  I mean who wouldn’t have Internet and  TV in the same place.

Demi Lovato Has Issues

Demi Lovato, believe or not has issues.  You heard me right.  She has issues.  I don’t know if this true or not, but she has emotional and physical issues. She is getting treatment for it.  She seems to work nonstop.  The directors of Disney have to give her a break.  I’m not saying she has issues.  But here is the link to the article.  Check out the Devi Lovato artice.