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Monthly Archives: October 2010

WWIW (Wario Ware Is Weird)

Have you ever played Wario Ware?  That game is fun, but it is reaaly weird.  I wonder what the heck is wrong with the people who made the game.  The minigames can be addicitng, but weird.  I still like them, now let me ask you.  “What do you think of Wario Ware?”  Leave your comments.



My sister has her own blog.  It is awesome!!!!  Just visit her blog!  I will post it sometime later.

Prisoner Trying To Dive Into A Toilet?

What the heck is wrong with this prisoner?  I saw the video from a guy on Youtube.  His name is Ray William Johnson or also known as =3 (Equals Three).  As you watch the video ” Go Supreme” (it is very funny but may contain some inapproiate content like some curse words or some other irrelevant stuff).  One of the videos is a prisoner trying to dive into the toilet.  Nothing makes sense as the guy who host this channel says the same thing.  Note that the prisoner is wearing street clothes, climbs onto the top bunk of the bunkbed and dives in head first.  The security guard comes in and puts him back to bed.  I don’t know if the prisoner was recently arrressted for DUI and he was so drunk that might’ve figured he was a Mario Bro and go down the pipe in the Warp Zone.  Well, that what Ray William Johnson said.  Go check out the clip from the video that is listed in the post.  And remember don’t drive under the influence.  Just commment on what you think.

Nintendo 3DS

Another DS.  Some people will probably not care.  But this blogger does care!  They are going to put 3D graphics in there.  They are going to remake Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TIme.  I seen the pics.  They made the graphics much more better.

There is more info from this website,

I wonder if they will put Majora’s Mask, too.

Well, we will wait and see.   But for now, the DSi will just do fine.  I do not have a DSi (sigh).  But I do have a DS Lite.  I still can’t wait for it.  See ya guys.

Question of the Day 10/10

Today’s question of the day involves video games.  The question is “What was the first Mario appeared in?”  This one is probably easy.  Just put your anwser in the comments.

Question of the Day 10/8

Every day I will have a question of the day.  Today’s question of the day is a riddle.  The riddle is If you have it, you can’t share it. If you share it, you can’t have it.  What am I?   Post the anwser in the comments.  The prize: verbal praise.

What would I change at my school?

The biggest question for a school or a college student is what would I change at my school.  What I would change at my school is lines at lunch.  They take way too long and by the time I get out of the line, lunch ends.  Also, I want something happening every friday, like a special free day for pizza.  Now I ask you the same question, what would you change about your school or what would you change about some schools that you had in the past?  Please comment.

Favorite Game and Info about BLOG

  Some days in a week,  I talk about video games.  Other days, I might talk about stuff in the real world.  I know it is a weird blog, but sometimes stuff in the real world help contribute to many things.  Today is of course about video games. :p  I want my favorite bloggers <everyone that blogs 🙂 > to tell me about their favorite games.  Remeber no CUSSING.  I am against cussing.  Remember, your favorite games.  Thank you for participating.