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Cooking Day!!!!

My mom is helping my friend, Mrs.Ella, cooking empanadas.  My sister is even cooking brownies!!!  Man, I am so spoiled.  My errand for you guys is to anwser my new poll.  Also, I am making anew page for new vids that are funny, but only certain people to see.

On second thought, I will make a new blog.  Only for videosand other funny stuff.



Hey guys, do you know why I been posting stuff in 1 day?  It is because I am happy and hyper because i had my cup of hot chocolate (or coffee) 🙂  from Starbucks.  I even feel lazy.  Now, what makes you lazy or hyper?  Leave interesting and creative comments.   nnnneeeaaahhhh.  I am so lazy.  Zzzzzzzz.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!  See ya tomorrow fellow bloggers and subscribers.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Food Press!!

The thing I love next to video games and real life is food!!!  I hear that there will be a new blog called Food Press.  They will feature some delicious food.  If you you are a food fan, check this out!  I can’t wait for it.  Leave commetns about it.  Yumm!!!  Another great idea by another great person in life.  What more will come next!!

Six People that I like on Youtube

The six people I like on Youtube is:                                                                                                                                                                                            

Ray William Johnson(for showing funny videos and commentary, Tobuscus(funny videos and literal trailers, I saw one of His videos on Attack of the Show. ), and DominicFear (website:  Famous for his Lazer Collection series).  Also, I ike Schmoyoho( for auto tunign some of the most bizarre things ever but sti funny!)

Shadowleggy(for funny Resident Evil Videos) and Xarity( for funny Silent Hill and Resident Evil videos)

Now tell me suscribers, who are your favorite people on Youtube?

Bieber Fever?

I had it with these gosh dang Justin Bieber songs getting stck in my gosh dang head.  I hate Justin Bieber.  If you are a Bieber fan, I don’t mind your opinion, I just hate him.  If you like him tell me why and that will somewhat make me better and it will anwser my newly revised question of life, Why do people like Justin Bieber?  Leave your comments.

Iguana Fart?!

I saw this video of Ray William Johnson,or =3 yesterday.  One of the videos I saw was a Iguana sitting in a bathtub.  After a few seconds, the iguana farts in the bath tub?  It is just digusting.  Just do not look at it.  I just do not want to thiink about it.  Just go to Youtube and look up the video Super Fart!! and you will know why.

Happy Late Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody!

WWIW (Wario Ware Is Weird)

Have you ever played Wario Ware?  That game is fun, but it is reaaly weird.  I wonder what the heck is wrong with the people who made the game.  The minigames can be addicitng, but weird.  I still like them, now let me ask you.  “What do you think of Wario Ware?”  Leave your comments.


My sister has her own blog.  It is awesome!!!!  Just visit her blog!  I will post it sometime later.

Prisoner Trying To Dive Into A Toilet?

What the heck is wrong with this prisoner?  I saw the video from a guy on Youtube.  His name is Ray William Johnson or also known as =3 (Equals Three).  As you watch the video ” Go Supreme” (it is very funny but may contain some inapproiate content like some curse words or some other irrelevant stuff).  One of the videos is a prisoner trying to dive into the toilet.  Nothing makes sense as the guy who host this channel says the same thing.  Note that the prisoner is wearing street clothes, climbs onto the top bunk of the bunkbed and dives in head first.  The security guard comes in and puts him back to bed.  I don’t know if the prisoner was recently arrressted for DUI and he was so drunk that might’ve figured he was a Mario Bro and go down the pipe in the Warp Zone.  Well, that what Ray William Johnson said.  Go check out the clip from the video that is listed in the post.  And remember don’t drive under the influence.  Just commment on what you think.