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Real Life Chat

12/7 Hello, welcome.  This time I am talking about justice has been served.  The Wikileaks owner has been arrested.  British officers charged him with (I can’t believe I’m saying this) rape and molestation and other stuff.  I say that jusice has been finally served.  Also, I would like to talk about the farmers.  In Florida (where I live) farmers did not expect the cold to be so harsh in December.  Farmers are trying to protect their farms from the cold by using several methods.  Please comment about any of these two.

11/7 Hello, this time I will be talking about the impact of videos.  Videos, nowadays are a staple to today’s society like social networks.  How do videos impact your life?  My ife is full of games and videos.  I like watching stuff on Youtube, for example, Ray William Johnson and Tobuscus, for comedy.  Put your creative and intereasting responses below. 

10/25  Hello, people.  Today’s topic is what does facebook mean to you?  Facebook is really popular, but soon people are going to dislike.  That’s what happened to MySpace.  For me, this is the only social network I am on.  I do not really care for Facebook.  Soon, in my opinion, people are going to switch to Twitter.  After that, well, I do not know. 

But, this page is not me chatting about my opinion.  this blog is for gamers and other people who don not care for video games and want to talk about the real life.  So, my question is what does facebook mean to you?  How much social life is connected to Facebook?  How does Facebook impact your life?  How much do you go on  facebook?  Do you think facebook is negative?  If facebook shuts down tomorrow, what would you do?  I am not trying to sound like a stalker, I just want to know.  Just anwser those questions (you can anwser 1, 2, 3, or maybe all of them) in your comments.  Peace out.

P.S.  This is my first real life chat post, yay (disregarding the school post).

This is the page where I will post some topics on real life.  Except for politics.


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